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to not go back behind bars. no jail, no prison. the big picture for the state is tree dues the number of prisoners who go back to jail which is about 70% of all california prisoners. >> the idea behind the program is that if you return the jurisdiction, that is the control and responsibility as to how the offender does in the community back to the judges who originally sent the individual to prison, can you change things and get better outcomes? >> reporter: the judge has nearly 2,000 offenders he is personalitily watching over. his courtroom in santa clara county is one of six in the state testing his re-entry court theory where participants are provided housing -- >> can i go back to the prison. >> reporter: are required to stay in drug and alcohol treatment and keep their court dates. >> we do not send people back to prison. use very short jail time to remind them that they need to focus on what they were asked to do and do a better job the day they get out of jail. thus far it's effective. >> reporter: they are not all success stories. >> it means you're not going to be released
and counting. you have heard a lot of talk about the debt ceiling. so what is the big deal? mike sugerman turns to the basics of household budgeting to try to understand the government's money problems. >> reporter: the debt ceiling, a trillion here, a trillion there, it all adds up. what's it all about? >> oh, man i can't explain the debt ceiling debate. >> reporter: it might make your eyes glaze over and it seems complicated put it's simple. consider this couple. >> hello. >> hello. >> reporter: together they make $100,000 a year but they spend $140,000 an borrow the rest. to meet their budgets, they would have to cut back 40%. the u.s. is in the same position. the law only allows to borrow a certainly amount but that law has been changed 10 times in the past 10 years and the u.s. then borrowed more but now republicans say it's time to live within our means. do you really need to get your hair done so often? >> yes. what about the golf game and cigars. they cost a fortune. >> that's my relaxation. i'm not giving them up. >> reporter: so if they don't cut back we'll have to bring in more mone
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2